A Heartfelt Thank You to Dr. Wes Antosh: Saskatoon Smiles Dentistry’s Generous Sponsorship of TLC@Home’s 2023 Campaign

In the spirit of giving and community, we extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Wes Antosh, the owner of Saskatoon Smiles Dentistry, for his generosity by stepping up as a major sponsor for the TLC@Home 2023 campaign. Dr. Antosh has stepped up as a School Sponsor, ensuring that the magic of the holiday season reaches every corner of one Saskatoon inner city school, spanning from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

The TLC@Home initiative, spearheaded by Shelley James of The Hairstyle Inn Salons in 2006, began as a small endeavour to bring joy to one Saskatoon community school. Over the years, this heartwarming campaign has grown, touching the lives of more than 900 students annually in various schools, including Princess Alexandra Community School, St. Michael Community School, King George Community School, Pleasant Hill Community School, and Howard Coad in Saskatoon.

Dr. Wes Antosh’s commitment to this noble cause exemplifies the true spirit of community engagement. His sponsorship covers all the gifts for an entire school, ensuring that each child from Kindergarten to Grade 8 experiences the joy and magic of the holiday season. This significant contribution goes beyond providing material gifts; it creates a sense of warmth, belonging, and festive cheer for the students and their families.

Dr. Wesley Antosh is a man dedicated to his profession and deeply connected to his community. Born in Langenberg, Saskatchewan, Dr. Antosh earned his dental degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1987. His commitment to continuing education, particularly in orthodontics and related fields, underscores his passion for providing exceptional dentistry and creating beautiful smiles.

Wes is a family man with four children – Andrian, Zane, Azaria, and Ivan – and he recently celebrated his marriage to Erin Antosh in St. Lucia. Beyond his professional life, he actively engages in the lives of his children, coaching hockey, participating in taekwondo with his youngest son, and enjoying family activities like fishing, skiing, and travelling to their cabin at Greg Lake.

Saskatoon smiles location exterior As a community-oriented professional, Dr. Wes Antosh and his dedicated team at Saskatoon Smiles Dentistry are committed to serving their patients. Still, they are also genuinely thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the broader community. This sponsorship for TLC@Home reflects their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the walls of their clinics.


Dr. Wes Antosh’s support for TLC@Home’s 2023 campaign is a beacon of hope and joy for the students who will receive these thoughtful gifts. His sponsorship ensures that the magic of the holiday season is shared with an entire school, creating lasting memories and spreading smiles that extend far beyond his clinics. We thank Dr. Antosh for his compassion, generosity, and commitment to building a stronger, more connected community in Saskatoon.

Please be sure to support our sponsors, as their support is essential for the impactful work we carry out at TLC@Home in Saskatoon. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the significant smiles we create on the road to our mission to bring joy to every child we meet!