TLC@Home Gift Packaging Volunteers

TLC@Home is a Saskatoon grassroots non-profit providing Christmas gifts to approximately 900 Saskatoon’s inner city children every December. This year, we are seeking eight dedicated volunteers who can commit consistently, as this minimizes the need for frequent training of new volunteers. The role is packing and organizing age-appropriate gifts for children from Kindergarten through to Grade 8

The Role:
– Follow the instructions by collaborating with a small, friendly, compassionate team to assemble gift packages for children from PreK to grade 8.
– Participate in school deliveries, attending at least one session to connect with the cause.

The Centre Mall, adjacent to Ardene’s. Look for the TLC@Home sign.

Time Commitment
We are looking for volunteers who want to ‘role share.’ to complete the work that needs to be done in time.
The time commitment is shared by the team, and we are flexible.  

Packing Campaign Dates: October 23rd – December 8th 2023
Work Days: Monday through Saturday- generally, we are packing max  five days per week
Day Shift Hours: We would like people to commit to shifts between 4-8 hours per day (typically between 10 AM – PM)
Evening Shift Hours: We are packing 2-3 evenings per week as needed and confirmed

Are You
– Willing to learn and be taught
– Dependable and reliable
– Able  to stand during shifts (with breaks provided
– Someone with a keen attention to detail to ensure no item or child is overlooked
– Able to create visually appealing gift packages that reflect thought and care
– Genuinely interested in the  children and their well-being

Additional Information

– Wear comfortable shoes and casual clothing suitable for standing and moving around.
– Some lifting may be required, primarily shopping bags and small boxes.
– Bring a water bottle; we have a sink for your convenience.
– Feel free to bring your own mug; we provide a kettle and a coffee maker.
– Snacks are sometimes available, but bringing your own is recommended.
– Bring your lunch; we offer a microwave, and a food court is nearby for alternative options.


Contact Shelley
Phone: (306) 683-2222