Nutrien’s Generous Donation Sparks Joy for TLC@Home’s 2023 Campaign

In the spirit of community and generosity, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nutrien for stepping up as a 2023 School Sponsor. This contribution has earned Nutrien the title of School Sponsor, ensuring that an entire Saskatoon community school, from Kindergarten to Grade 8, will be enveloped in the warmth of holiday cheer.

TLC@Home, initiated in 2006 by Shelley James of The Hairstyle Inn Salons, began as a humble endeavour to bring joy to one Saskatoon community school. Over the years, the campaign has blossomed with the support of partners and sponsors like Nutrien, creating a tradition of giving that has touched the lives of over 950 students annually in schools such as Princess Alexandra Community School, St. Michael Community School, King George Community School, Pleasant Hill Community School, and Howard Coad in Saskatoon.

Chrissy Judaya, a Nutrien employee, captured the essence of their contribution perfectly, stating,

“We are happy to know that our sponsorship could actually cater to the entire school. I can only imagine the smiles on the kids’ faces!!”

Nutrien is the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, helping to safely and sustainably feed a growing world. They operate a world-class network of production, distribution and retail facilities that positions them to efficiently serve the needs of growers. They focus on creating long-term value for all stakeholders by advancing their key environmental, social and governance priorities.

Nutrien – A Valued Community Supporter in Saskatchewan & Beyond

Nutrien’s community investment program connects with more than 200 community organizations across Saskatchewan. Their support goes beyond financial contributions. It includes active participation and volunteer efforts from their people, sharing their time and ideas to improve the places they work and live. Nutrien’s commitment to making a meaningful impact in the communities where it operates aligns seamlessly with the values of TLC@Home. As a company that strives to contribute globally and locally, Nutrien’s focus on sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, inclusive industry, and resilient communities resonates deeply with the goals of TLC@Home.

Nutrien Steps Up As A 2023 TLC School Sponsor

In line with their sustainability strategy and dedication to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Nutrien supports community initiatives that align with their four focus areas:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Increase availability of nutritional food through innovation, education, and advancement of sustainable agriculture
  • Environmental Stewardship: Protect and promote ecosystem health.
  • Inclusive Industry: Seed and support a diverse and inclusive industry.
  • Resilient Communities: Diverse communities where residents are nourished and supported.



Nutrien’s investment in organizations and projects that focus on safe and inclusive communities, support for growers, and food nutrition and security initiatives reflects a genuine commitment to fostering positive change at the community level. Beyond financial support, Nutrien engages with communities through active participation in events, community advisory panels, and chambers of commerce. Volunteerism is a cornerstone of their community involvement, with programs designed to encourage and reward employees for contributing to causes they are passionate about.

Nutrien’s dedication to education, particularly in areas like agriculture, farm/rural safety, global sustainability, environmental stewardship, food security, and soil health, is commendable. Their award-winning education programs play a crucial role in raising awareness about critical global issues and initiatives. Nutrien’s generosity has illuminated the path for TLC@Home’s 2023 campaign, ensuring that the magic of the holiday season reaches an entire school community. We sincerely thank Nutrien for their commitment to building stronger, more nourished, and supported communities. Their authentic and collaborative engagement inspires us, reminding us of the positive impact that can be achieved through genuine partnership and shared values.

Please be sure to support our sponsors, as their support is essential for the impactful work we carry out at TLC@Home in Saskatoon. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the significant smiles we create on the road to our mission to bring joy to every child we meet!